About us

We are a publishing company based in Dubai Silicon Oasis, IFZA-DSO. We publish mobile games, mobile applications and video games. Our main focus is user acquisition and top grossing multi platform games and applications. We support developers as soon as their product is ready for a release.
Soon our team is dropping to the public the First-In-Genre innovative Battle-Royale mobile game “PAN GUN” with in-app purchases as well as integrated advertising
Our values
  • Amazing experience

    We can deliver amazing experiences both, to end users and to developers. We develop world-class projects that underline our reliability and commitment to quality.

  • Relationships for respect

    We create an environment where every idea and person gets respect. Everyone has their own point of view and their own interests. Everyone has the opportunity to stand up for their case, share feedback, give advice and receive protection, understanding and recognition.

  • Effective financial management
    Many teams can’t fully unleash their potential without a proper financing. That is why we pay so much attention to managing our financial energy to prove ourselves.
  • Company for people

    At Pan Global Publishing, we create and support opportunities for our employees to enjoy spending time together, whether it's coffee breaks, corporate parties, fitness classes or hobby groups.

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